Drugstore Makeup Haul

Published on Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Saturday! Thought I'd share some of my recent purchase from Walmart a couple of days ago. Granted, I'm not a makeup girl whatsoever, but I've been obsessing over different makeup looks and products lately. I'll definitely do an in-depth review of each products later on when I get a chance to play around with them.

1. Loreal Paris Infallible Pro-Matte Powder: I usually wear my Makeup Forever HD Powder, but I wanted a cheaper alternative to bring to school for mid-day touch ups. I have extremely oily skin and even blotting papers are little to no help, so hopefully this matte powder will do wonders! 

2. NYC Bronzing Duo: Been into contouring lately, and thanks to the plethora of YouTube tutorials, I'm getting a hang of it. I've been eyeing the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate  bronzing duo, but I'm not really digging the price tag too much. Figured I'd give this one a try first, before I decide to splurge on a brand name one.

3. Real Techniques Bronzing Brush by Sam and Nic Chapman: Of course I had to purchase a bronzing brush too. I haven't tried this brush yet, but I'm already in love with the super soft bristles!

5. Loreal Paris Magic Anti-Redness Correcting Primer: I have the most random spots of redness on my face, especially right after I shower. Been on a market for a good and affordable correcting primer, so hopefully this one works.

6. Almay Liquid Balm in Soothing Balm: I couldn't pass up this gorgeous light pink lipgloss as I walked by the lipstick aisle. It was efinitely an eye catcher. 

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  1. I'm such a beginner when it comes to makeup, so it's always nice to see what other bloggers are buying! I definitely have to try the correcting primer! Let me know if it works!!


    Looks by Lau

  2. You definitelu listed some of the beauty products that I would love to try myself! Especially the L'oreal Matte powder!