My Cozy Day Must Haves

Published on Sunday, December 28, 2014

Before winter break started, I would always yearn for cozy late mornings and early nights in, but I was stuck in the library or sitting in my desk trying to cram for finals. Yuck. Now the semester is over and break is in full swing, there's nothing I treasure more than spending some time alone relaxing in the comfort of my own bed. Here I'll be sharing my ultimate favorite things for the perfect cozy day. Grab a hot cup of chocolate and snuggle in bed, because it's about to get pretty cozy up in here...

1. Coffee? Yes please: I would drink coffee any time of the day, but for a cozy day, a hot cup of Vietnamese coffee always hit the right spot. From the bitterness aftertaste that linger on the tip of my tongue to the warm feeling that swarm my stomach, coffee just does its job so well. 

2. A good book, of course: A good book just makes everything better. I've mentioned this on the blog before, but my favorite book is Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella (get it here)Kinsella's wit and charm never fail to warm my heart and cheer me up on a bad day. 

3. Can't forget my comfy socks: My feet would freeze if I don't wear socks 24/7 during the winter. Although I live in California, it's still pretty cold in my house even with the heater on...especially my room. So yes, warm comfy socks are definitely a must. This pair of grey socks are from Target (similar here) that I got a couple years ago, but I still love them and wear them on the daily basis... after each wash of course hehe.

4. Some candles to set the mood, if you know what I mean *wink*: Haha not that kind of mood if that's what you're thinking or it's probably just me. I can always depend on a delicious smelling candle to get me in a cozy and relaxing mood. My favorite that I'm currently burning right now is the Vanilla Snow Flake from Bath and Body Works (get it here)I love everything and anything vanilla!

5. Warm and thick bed sheets and comforters are a must: You can't really have a cozy day without swarming yourself in thick and warm blankets. I was recently browsing through Parachute Home, a company that specializes in good quality simple bedding, and found myself drooling over their cashmere throw (get it here). What really differentiate this bedding company from others is their use of Egyptian cotton for their bed sheets and comforters, which will gradually soften with use. The other thing that definitely caught my attention is their easy and trustworthy process. Instead of having your sheets go through licensing fees, retail etc...Parachute distributes their sheets from design to factory and straight to you. No hassle and no extra fees. Also, their modern design makes the perfect finishing touches to any home and room. Currently crushing on this beautiful bed set called The Venice (get it here)I'm a sucker for all white linens *drools* 

6. Cozy day is not complete without some music: I have a playlist for everything, including study playlist, running playlist, shower playlist you name it, and you bet I have one just for a cozy day. I'm a huge fan of instrumental music such as Gavin Mikhail covers. He does a great a job turning popular pop songs into calm and relaxing instrumental pieces. My favorite at the moment is Stubborn Love (listen here)Another favorite artist would be Yiruma. Been a fan of Yiruma since forever and his original soundtracks never fail to serenade me, especially on rainy days. My favorite track from him would have to be River Flows in You (listen here).

Hope you enjoyed this post! I love cozy days and they would not be the same without my essentials. Also, I want to know all about your cozy day must haves!

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  1. Yes, everything included in this post is definitely necessary for a cozy day! This reminds me of school starting again soon (agh!) so I'm going to have to savour all my available cozy days. :)


    1. Awww enjoy the rest of your break Trang! And thanks for stopping by :)

  2. Cozy days are my favourite things too, especially when it's cold outside! Even better when you have snuggly PJs and take a hot bath, too :)

    1. Omg yes a hot bath would be the perfect finishing touch to a cozy day! Thanks for coming Mani :)

  3. Really like all the pictures, you created a great comfy atmosphere :)
    Love, Virginie

  4. This post definitely hits the spot on this cold, dark, rainy NYC day!